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Draft Amnesty Week is an event running on the EA Forum between March 11th and 17th 2024, where Forum users can publish scrappy, draft-y, or incomplete posts with impunity. 

This tag is to be used on Draft posts published during the week, as well as posts related to the event. 

How to format your Draft Amnesty post

Draft Amnesty posts will be differentiated on the Forum Frontpage, as long as they are tagged with this tag. If you'd like, you can also use this table at the top of your post:

This is a Draft Amnesty Week draft. It may not be polished, up to my usual standards, fully thought through, or fully fact-checked. 

Commenting and feedback guidelines: 
Keep one and delete the rest (or write your own):

  1. I'm posting this to get it out there. I'd love to see comments that take the ideas forward, but criticism of my argument won't be as useful at this time. 
  2. This draft lacks the polish of a full post, but the content is almost there. The kind of constructive feedback you would normally put on a Forum post is very welcome. 
  3. This is a Forum post that I wouldn't have posted without the nudge of Draft Amnesty Week. Fire away! (But be nice, as usual)

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