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Developing AGI without a worldwide referendum is ethically unjustifiable. A global moratorium is necessary until consensus is reached.


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I hope you're right. Thanks for the example, it seems like a good one.

What are some historical examples of a group (like AI Safety folk) getting something incredibly wrong about an incoming Technology? Bonus question: what led to that group getting it so wrong? Maybe there is something to learn here.

Yeah I'm in the top 1% for extraversion, I don't really feel shame or embarrassment and I have lots of initiative. Makes up for the mediocre IQ ;)

I seem to be having some impact simply emailing politicians and having meetings with them to discuss the potentially catastrophic risks from AI.

I consider myself pretty mediocre (based on school/uni results).

This is something anyone with enough context (i.e. in a particular cause area) could do. It just takes initiative.

This is such a common-sense take, that it worries me it needs writing. I assume this is happening over on twitter (where I don't have an account)? The average non-EA would consider this take to be extremely obvious and is partly why I think we should be considered about the composition of the movement in general.

So I did a quick check today - I've sent 19 emails to politicians about AI Safety / x-risk and received 4 meetings. They've all had a really good vibe, and I've managed to get each of them to commit to something small (e.g. email XYZ person about setting up an AI Safety Institute). I'm pretty happy with the hit rate (4/19). I might do another forum quick take once I've sent 50.

nah let's lean all the way in, for one day a year, the wild west out here.

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