Hi EA community!

I'm Nick, founder of the recently launched IncreasingHappiness.org, a non-profit platform with three main goals: 

  1. Provide people with inspiration on how they can do good (not just with money!)
  2. Help charities find the volunteers with the specific skills they need
  3. Contribute to the discussion on how to do good most effectively (check out the free ebook on the site)

Additionally, as the founder of Inisev, we offer various SaaS tools and WordPress plugins, which I'm happy to provide for free to all EA members if used for a good cause.

Any comments, feedback or suggestions are always welcome!




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I love what you are doing to make it easier for people to do good. I think a lot of our community's efforts have focused on how to empower highly-aligned people to do more good. The focus you seem to have on concrete actions people can do to better the world seems like it could potentially have a much broader audience.

As I read through the EA handbook recently, many passages seemed rather paralyzing. And I agree that, especially for highly aligned and engaged people, thoughtful reflection and analysis is very appropriate to think about how we can use our lives to do the most good. On the other hand, your concrete recommendations with tangible, clearly-articulated benefits is probably more helpful to the vast majority of people looking to do good.  I look forward to seeing the future of "Increasing Happiness" 

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