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Just trying to make my way thru this new experience.  I am the "director" of a self-made project for women and children in Guatemala, Creando Mi Futuro.  We have been running for 8 years but since I'm now 86 years old and would like the project to continue after my death, we are planning to register as an NGO in Guatemala (our umbrella NGO is in California).   I have for a long time wanted to share ideas with other small non-profits; hope this might be a place to do so. 

Amazing activism and committed .At your age you still have impact to your community .thanks

Is there a way to do blog chains on the forum?  I'm thinking of something similar to the format on

Ah I figured it out! There are sequences! This is amazing! Thank you for this. I'm going to experiment to see if that gets the feature set I'm looking for:

Again I have to say: this forum is really well done! 

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