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We're excited to officially announce the very first EA UnUnConference! APPLY HERE

Naming What We Can, the most impactful post ever published on April 1st, have already volunteered to host a Q&A. We’re calling in the producers of the TV hit Impact Island, and would like to invite Peter Barnett to launch his new book What The Future Owes Us. The X-risk-Men Incubation Program is running an enlightening talks session. 

Location: Mars in Gathertown

Date: April 1st, 2023, 24 hours and 37 minutes starting at 12:00pm UTC (or “lunch time” for british people)

The case for impact

  • Over the years, humanity realized that Unconferences are a great twist of traditional conferences, since the independence gives room for more unexpected benefits to happen. 
  • For the reason, we’re experimenting with the format of an UnUnconference. This means we’ll actively try not to organize anything, therefore (in expectancy) achieving even more unexpected benefits.
  • We encourage you to critique our (relatively solid, in our opinion) theory of change in the comments!
  • We understand this is not the most ambitious we could be. Although we fall short of the dream of EAGxMars, we believe this Ununconference is a proof-of-concept that will help validate the model of novel, experimental conferences and possibly redefine what impact means for EA events for years to come. 
  • This team is well placed to unorganize this event because we have previously successfully not organized 10^10 possible events. 

What to expect

  • All beings welcomed, that includes infants, face mice, gut microbiome, etc.
  • Expect to have the most impactful time 
  • Make more impact than everyone on earth could ever do combined
  • Network with the best minds in ultra-near-termist research
  • Never meet your connections again after the event
  • Certificates of £20 worth of impact just for £10!
  • No success metrics
  • No theory of change
  • No food, no wine, no suffering 

Check out our official event poster! 

Pixelated lightbulb that looks like mars as a logo for an unconference (DALL-E)

Get involved

  • Take a look at the confernce agenda and add  sessions to your calendar
  • Comment on this post with content suggestions and anti-suggestions
  • Sign up for an enlightning talk
  • Unvolunteer for the event
  • UnUnvolunteer for the event  (your goal will be to actively unorganize stuff)
  • UnUnUnvolunteer for the event  (your goal will be to actively ununorganize stuff)
  • …. And so on. We think at least 5 levels of volunteers will be necessary for this event to be a complete success, to minimize risk of not falling into the well known meta trap





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