The focus on "AI Safety" is getting out of control. There seems to be an illness that is compelling people to write ever longer and longer essays reiterating and neologising the exact plot of Space Odyssey/Terminator/The Matrix/iRobot over and over again.

Yet to find a post properly explaining why AI is inevitably going to kill everyone beyond handwaves at artisinal protein nanobots (unrealistic to anyone who has studied protein structure and function), or any post explaining how sinking a bunch of funding into yet another AI safety group will lead to a workable solution to this unproven problem.

Can we relegate these dear young sci-fi enthusiasts to a separate shame bin like the Community tab? I just want to get back to figuring out how to help the sick children dying of diarrhea and malaria





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JP Addison
Moderator Comment15

As a moderator, I think this post is unnecessarily rude and breaks Forum norms. This is a warning, please do better in the future. (If you’re not interested in AI Safety content, feel free to explore the global health tab, or hide AI Safety posts from the homepage by clicking on "Customize feed".)

Because that's what people are writing posts about -- presumably due to several recent developments in this area.

I haven't seen any non-AI posts getting dropped from the frontpage without getting a reasonable shot at visibility, so I don't see any need for moderator action at this time.

You can make the Global Health tab your front page if that's the main content you want to see.

If you go to "customize feed" on your homepage (the button is on the right just above the "New and Upvoted" section), you can create a filter to reduce or eliminate the number of AI posts you see. 

As Jason said, it's been a particularly eventful time in the AI world, so I'm not surprised there are a lot of posts about it right now. But there's also a lot of forum content generally, and we're certainly not lacking posts about GH&D. 

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