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Not yet so I will have a look ! Thank you very much for your help

TLDR: 5+ years experience marketing and communication professional with a growing involvement in EA, seeking to leverage my skills in marketing/communication/project management, operations, for impactful work. Recently joined EA Barcelona, considering founding EA Bordeaux.

Skills & background: With 5+ years in marketing and communication across various industries (metaverse/XR, blockchain, media and brand content, space & new space, dental industry), I've developed a strong foundation in creating and managing marketing materials, campaigns, PR & public relations, and content creation. I also founded an (unfortunately discontinued) Media on Green IT. Master's degrees in Digital, Business,Communication and International Entrepreneurship. My recent dive into the EA community has sparked a keen interest in applying these skills towards promoting effective altruism and its causes. Experience in remote work (3 years) and living in several countries (France, China, the Netherlands, Spain, Reunion Island..) has made me adaptable and comfortable in all settings. Bilingual French/English.

Location/remote: Currently in Barcelona (Spain), fully relocatable for the right opportunity. Experienced in remote work and open to contributing to US or UK-based teams.

Availability & type of work: Seeking full-time roles but open to part-time or project-based collaborations. My expertise aligns with roles in marketing/communication, operations, and press relations. Ready to start immediately. I am also open to pro-bono or volunteering at the end of the year.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: [LinkedIn Profile

Email/contact: Please DM me on the Forum for my email/contact details.

Other notes: I’m particularly drawn to causes like AI safety and alignement, health & children health, mental health and screen addictions/ADHD, ethical considerations in digital afterlives, blockchain applications for social good, marine life protection and ocean acidification, water management innovations, wild and farm animals well-being as well as future of food and agriculture. My goal is to use my skills to support projects that have a tangible impact in these areas.

Thank you, any help would be greatly appreciate :)