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Hello! I'm Toby. I've recently started as Content Manager at CEA, where I will work with Lizka and the Online Team to make sure the Forum is a great place to discuss doing the most good we can. Specifically, you'll see me posting a lot, authoring the EA Newsletter and curating Forum Digests, making moderator comments and decisions, and more. 

Before working at CEA, I studied Philosophy at the University of Warwick, and worked for a couple of years on a range of writing and editing projects within the EA space. Recently I helped run the Amplify Creative Grants program, to encourage more impactful podcasting and YouTube projects. You can find a bit of my own creative output on my blog, and my podcast feed.


Topic contributions

I can email you the original file, but only if you promise to use it for ~dastardly purposes. 

Not a solution to everything mentioned here- but a reminder that you can click "customize feed" at the top of the page and remove all posts tagged april fools.

I'm interested to listen but I can't find the podcast on Spotify- am I missing something? 

I've loved seeing all the Draft Amnesty posts on the Forum so far! Some really great stuff has been posted (and I'll highlight that when I write a retrospective)

Posting this quick take as a reminder that people who are considering posting for Draft Amnesty can run a draft past me for quick feedback. Just DM me. 

Thanks SummaryBot! Looks good to me :)

The Draft Amnesty banner, and other tweaks to differentiate the posts, are a bit delayed and should be up later today. There will be in-post banners, and little topic pills that you will be able to see in the frontpage list. This will all be applied retroactively, so feel free to post your Draft Amnesty posts whenever, as long as they are tagged with the Draft Amnesty Week tag. 

Can be a bit finicky, but I think I've figured out the easiest way. 
1. Select the text of the table and copy. 
2. Paste into your draft, making sure to paste into a paragraph/ normal text section, and not into the heading. If you paste into the title, it'll be reformatted as a title rather than a table. 
LMK if this works!

Have you seen this post from Catherine Low? It's a great example of telling this type of story in a way that Forum readers really appreciated. Maybe a way to make your story more helpful is to highlight lessons you have learned + why you changed your mind at each stage. Seeing more examples of people taking their career seriously, and reassessing deeply held values, is always useful. 

Drafted! (directly because of upvotes + draft amnesty's lower standards. Would never have finished it otherwise)

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