Sydney Duncombe

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TLDR: plant biologist with genetics and microscopy skills looking for research or science communication positions 

Skills & background: I am fresh out of my Ph.D. in Plant Biology with a focus on using cell walls for bioenergy. My skill set is based around genetics, microscopy, and cell biology with a range of technical lab skills. I also have much experience with mentoring students, and I have focused a lot of my career development on science communication. I host workshops on how to properly communicate science to a variety of audiences and have begun hosting one-on-one meetings to help students and faculty prepare for talks. 

Location/remote: Currently located in Eugene, OR and am looking for a remote position or an in-person position within commuting distance

Availability & type of work: I am available immediately and am open to full-time and part-time positions

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: LinkedIn, CV


Other notes: I am interested in both technical research positions as well as purely science communication positions. I am happy to expand my focus beyond plant biology, especially when it comes to science communication. I am interested in a large range of causes that could benefit from my skillset, and I feel most happy at work when I am working in a more applied field. I have always had a soft spot for animal welfare as well and try to make a difference in this aspect through my personal life at the very least.