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Answer by SerenaFeb 14, 20248

TLDR: Innovation strategist, researcher, and writer based in Canada transitioning out of consulting to an EA-aligned opportunity!

Skills & background: 5+ years of project management experience (games, strategy, research, events), 3+ years in mixed methods research in CPG / tech. Part of the Introductory EA course right now. Project Portfolio.

Location/remote: Currently based in Toronto. Looking for full-time work based in Vancouver or remote in July. 

Availability & type of work: Ideally, I'm looking for a project/program management, research, or writing role! I'm available immediately for part-time work, then full-time availability in July. 

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: LinkedIn & Project Portfolio

Email/contact: serena.chao3@gmail.com / https://twitter.com/coriils 

Other notes: I'm interested in capacity-building, educational initiatives, protecting nature, community-building social media & social media research, and third spaces. I'm also interested in building out a formal operations skillset (e.g. hiring, knowledge management, etc.). People-centric initiatives are an easy yes for me!