Selina Schreiner

Chief of Staff @ Baobab Consulting
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Dear reader and forum,
thank you for this opportunity and your time reading this post.

I am looking for a program/project/operations/consulting role in EA, preferably in mental health as I have an MSc in Psychology. But I am open to any EA-related opportunity.

Skills & background: 
I worked in social impact as Chief of Staff and consultant at . I focused on company development, employee well-being, and strategic consulting.
As Co-Director, I worked in a Kenyan NGO and was involved in all processes. I led:
- donor management (reports, communications, proposals)
- operations (internal processes, project and financial planning, community outreach, education programs)
- HR management and initiatives (counseling, hiring process, and employee well-being)

Location/remote: I am currently located in Berlin and plan to move to Mexico in the fall. I prefer a remote position but am willing to move for a great opportunity. 

Availability & type of work: I am looking for a full-time position and can start at any time.


or DM in the forum

Other notes: 
I seek a position that allows my skills to make a change, while I can grow professionally. I am eager to contribute to a driven organization's impact and highly motivated to start a new challenge in my career. I have lived and worked in Kenya and Ghana, which gave me immense perspective and taught me intercultural sensitivity. If you need a letter of recommendation or want to contact any of my former employers, please let me know. 

I am looking forward to a great opportunity and can't wait for your message. 
Thank you!