Researcher in AI & Law @ University of Sydney
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TLDR: Mid-career researcher in AI & Law looking to work on AI Safety/X-Risk and Governance projects.

Skills & background: I am a lawyer and researcher with 12 years of industry experience. After several years of practicing as a Human Rights lawyer in Australia, I transitioned to academic research.

I currently work as a research associate with the Sydney University Law School. My work  has primarily focussed on analysing the rising tide of populism within global democracies, examining the impact of Open Banking’s legal frameworks on consumer rights, and critically appraising the moral and ethical underpinnings of constitutional law. These projects have resulted in the delivery of several research papers, lectures and the publication of two academic texts: A Pandemic of Populists (Cambridge University Press, 2022) and Constitutional Public Reason (Oxford University Press, 2023), with a paper on Open Banking forthcoming.

I am also working on an independent research paper examining how universal legal frameworks can support our shared future with AI. The abstract for this paper was recently accepted for presentation at the UCT AI Conference, which will be hosted in South Africa in July 2024.

Location/remote: I am based in Tanzania and would prefer to work remotely.

Availability & type of work: Interested in part-time or contract work, though I might be open to full-time work if it’s an exceptionally good fit. I can start in 1 month

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/poojakhatri2490/

Email/contact: khatripooja.24[at]gmail[dot]com

Other notes: I am also interested in contributing to AI Policy and Diplomacy efforts