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~2/3 of the jobs didn't post salaries, so I'd like to filter out low salaries without excluding the majority that simply didn't post salaries

Filtering by salary excludes jobs that don't have posted salaries

Would love an option to toggle that

Manifold users don't actually cash out that much, so we shouldn't actually need that much cash on hand

This omits why Manifold users didn't cash out much: return rates were unsustainably high. Ponzi schemes manage cash flow at the expense of profit

Sadly even slightly worse than 10x devaluation because 1,000 mana will redeem for $0.95 to cover "credit card fees and administrative work"

Skeptical. Sentencing considers intent, but even those ignorant of laws themselves are found guilty:

@Habryka is it possible to track all public Magnum forums? Any searchable legal attribution or technical element?

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