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Economic Analyst @ Treasury, Australian Government
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Analyst in the Australian Treasury reporting on comparable economies and the economies of Australia's major trading partners (and occasionally on financial market developments). Giving What We Can (GWWC) pledge member since September 2022.


On 2. Have you reached out to AIM? Given their recent work in incubating new effective giving organisations they might be well equipped to support you.

Best of luck with this! 

tldr, thanks for writing.

I would consider myself to be a very trusting and forgiving person who always starts with the mentality of "Yes, but most people are inherently good". I definitely went through a long period of "Ah well I mean surely Sam (SBF) isn't actually a 'bad' guy right". This felt like a productive slap in the face.

I would still prefer to be more than less trusting, but maybe I should dial it back a bit. Thanks. 

I often find it quite hard to emotionally connect with longtermist ideas despite seeing their rational appeal. This was helpful, and sweet. Thank you for sharing.

I noticed there was one Jewish organisation and one Christian organisation on the list, and am familiar with GiveDirectly's 2022-2023 Zakat fund. Do you know if there is an organisation focussed on effective giving for Muslims? Afterfund was mentioned here but I'm not sure how effective the proposed interventions would be in contrast to others that the EA community would typically support. Not sure if it's worth flagging, but I'm not Muslim, just interested!


This is super cool! Best of luck! I see you took inspiration from the Life You Can Save's logo too! 

I really like Bastille's Hope For the Future (especially their Coal Drops version).
Be More Kind by Frank Turner is a really lovely song.

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