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TLDR: I specialize in the intersection of data analysis and organizational strategy and use my passion and skills for numerical work along with my 10+ years of experience in the private sector to translate statistical insights into real-world impact.

Skills & background: I am posting anonymously as I already have EA employment but will disclose all details to interested hiring managers.

My strengths as reported by others are:
-Briar score of 0.131 compared to the crowd median of 0.246
-Proactiveness/self-direction: I need minimal supervision
-Persistency: I will see to it that the job is completed
-Good with people: I enjoy interacting with people and am patient in trying situations
-Attention to detail: My output is of high quality

My experience consists of 10+ years in various roles in the private sector, including supporting CEOs in strategy. Recently, I have had a couple of "EA jobs" where I am still employed. Much more detail can be provided.

Location/remote: Remote and my current location in the EU.

Availability & type of work: The following are the types of work I would like to do:
-Data analysis, forecasting, etc.

-Holding training courses, workshops, etc.

I am keen for the 2 types of work above to be >60% of my work. The reason for looking for a new job is to do more of the work that I truly enjoy - I love data analysis in support of strategy!

AI evals might be an especially good fit for me as suggested to me by seasoned EA advisors.

Available part-time right away and full-time once a successor for my current EA job has been found.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: Will be provided privately - just ask!

Email/contact: Please DM me here and I will provide more details.

Other notes: I am cause neutral, especially as this type of work is so enjoyable to me that I do not need other motivation.