Duc Nguyen

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TLDR: Experienced data analyst with a passion for leveraging technology to drive positive change in global development, health, and migration.

Skills & background: Experienced in data analytics and consultancy with advanced skills in Python, SQL, VBA, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, and Power BI. Roles at The Stepstone Group and Capgemini Invent refined my problem-solving abilities, while my commitment to social impact, demonstrated through volunteering at Coram Voice and an interest in effective altruism, drives my desire to make a meaningful difference. Past projects include a thesis on the "Economic Effects of the Qatar Blockade" and data cleaning at the University of Warwick, showcasing my capacity to deliver actionable insights.

Location/remote: I live in London, and am willing to relocate or work remotely. I need to be in the UK in the next year to gain citizenship.

Availability & type of work: I can start at any point, and am interested in part-time or full-time paid roles.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ducmn/

Email/contact: nguyenmanhduc1309@gmail.com

Other notes: I'm even open to volunteering.

Questions: I want to increase my career capital, but I'm unsure what to do?

Really resonate with me. Reading 80,000 hours makes me want to jump out the window. Every article is something like “oh, Jane Street is a better way to spend your time than trying to join Downing Street”. What about us intellectual peasants? What about us in the 3rd world? What can we do? We exist in the billions, yet we are seen as the victims, not the solution.