Anastasiia Gaidashenko

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Yep, thanks for sharing! I don't meet the Qualification Criteria, unfortunately: one needs to be based in the US.

Update: I joined FAR AI in May!

TLDR: I'm looking for a challenging opportunity in AI Governance, where I can apply my expertise in areas like GDPR implementation and developing technical standards for the AI Act. I’d preferably be doing program management but also open to other areas.

Skills & background: 4y of experience in Project & Program Management and 3y in Data Science. Graduated in Machine Learning, about to get a Masters in AI Governance at the Technical University of Munich. Involved in EA since 2020, actively participating in EA Global and EA Armenia. Board of Directors member at Ashgro. Facilitated the AI Governance track of the AI Safety Fundamentals program.

Location/remote: I can work remotely for the GMT / CET time zones (from Serbia) and open to relocation (e.g., to work in the PT time zone from Argentina).

Availability & type of work: I’m interested in full-time roles but flexible regarding part-time or project-based collaborations.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: my LinkedInmy CV

Email/contact: a.v.gaydashenko[at] 

Other notes: Based on the Weighted Factor Model I did for my next career step, I found that I should also consider being a Personal Assistant / Executive Assistant to somebody impactful, so I’d be happy to consider this option as well if we match in AI Safety / AI Policy cause area.

Questions: 1. I'm curious about challenges organizations face in operationalizing AI governance and would appreciate insights or experiences on integrating responsible AI practices effectively. 2. I'm developing a personal theory of change about rising industry standards through leveraging the emerging AI regulations like the AI Act. Although it's not finalized, I’d be happy to discuss it over a quick call.