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My name is Abdurrahman (Pronounced Abdur-Rahman). I live across multiple identities, ethnicities, nationalities, cultures, worldviews, and geographies. 

I completed my studies in Management Information Systems (MIS) and graduated with honors, ranking second in my class in 2021. I've worked for +5 years in commercial digital marketing roles. However, over the past couple of years, I've shifted focus to creating independent training programs in career development, offering courses, workshops, and 1-1 sessions.

I have diverse intellectual and philosophical interests. 

Currently, my primary concern revolves around exploring the concept of ultimate reality and the truth of existence. This encompasses various fields such as metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of religion, with a particular focus on Islamic Philosophy & Theology. I'm also highly influenced by eastern spiritualities like Zen Buddhism and Taoism. Furthermore, I am deeply invested in addressing the practical question of how to lead a meaningful life and optimize well-being on individual, societal, and global scales.

How others can help me

If you're an Arabic speaker, I invite you to join our growing community by filling out this form. Also, I'd really appreciate your help by spreading the word to Arabic speakers in your network to expand our reach and impact.

How I can help others

Providing support with anything related to digital marketing, career development, and/or Arabic-speaking communities.


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I'd also add that Zakat is paid on a certain portion of wealth that meets specific criteria, not on all wealth necessarily. For example, there is no obligation to pay Zakat on owned properties that are not used for commercial purposes, and the same applies to cars, among other items...

 There are HUGE differences between Islamic scholars and sects on this issue.

Thank you Elham, I'm so happy to see your comment!


Honestly, this is an issue that I'm kinda struggling with too. Would you like to have a quick call to discuss our experiences and maybe collaborate on something?

Agreed. It could be wise to consider removing the "People" section at this stage.

Initially, the concept was to have the website function as an entry point for EA, providing explanatory materials similar to utilitarianism.net, which has a dedicated page for key thinkers.

However, in our case and at this point, it's not crucial to include leading EA figures.

Appreciate your input David!

Thank you Rockwell for taking the time to read and share your feedback, it's much appreciated!

I fully agree with what you've mentioned. I might also add that the majority of the list are "white, heterosexual males." Nonetheless, this composition reflects the reality of leading figures historically and presently within the movement (at least as far as my knowledge goes), and altering it to better align with our values isn't feasible.

If there are other notable figures who play a significant role in leading the philosophy and movement, please do share.