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Hey! I applied end of april and haven't received any notification like this nor a rejection and I'm not sure what this means about the status of my application. I emailed twice over the past 4 months, but haven't received a reply :/

Most of the researchers at GPI are pretty sceptical of AI x-risk.

Not really responding to the comment (sorry), just noting that I'd really like to understand why these researchers at GPI and careful-thinking AI alignment people - like Paul Christiano - have such different risk estimates!  Can someone facilitate and record a conversation? 

I find it remarkable how little is being said about concrete mechanisms for how advanced AI would destroy the world by the people who most express worries about this. Am I right in thinking that? And if so, is this mostly because they are worried about infohazards and therefore don't share the concrete mechanisms they are worried about?

I personally find it pretty hard to imagine ways that AI would e.g. cause human extinction that feel remotely plausible (allthough I can well imagine that there are plausible pathways I haven't thought of!)

Relatedly, I wonder if public communication about x-risks from AI should be more concrete about mechanisms? Otherwise it seems much harder for people to take these worries seriously.

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