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There is a legal requirement in the UK for organisations such as the EVF/CEA to file full accounts annually, and they are then available online from Companies House.

The CEA / EVF appear to have not filed any for 2022.


In previous years, they have been filed - typically in April, for the previous year.

I understand that the Charity Commission are already investigating the EVF/CEA due to their links to the FTX Foundation. Is there some link to the failure to file accounts, or is there some other reason?




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Yeah. I just joined the board so I don’t exactly know why, but we are definitely aware of missing this deadline and the charity commission is as well, and I think it is caused by the ongoing investigation.

This is correct. We ended up needing to resolve a couple issues related to the inquiry before we can file. We’ve stayed in touch with the Charity Commission about the delay.

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Background: I know they received an extension from April 30 to June 30 and were planning to file then per this comment.

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